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The Clueless Effect: How One Cult ’90s Movie Made a Lasting Impact on Fashion

From the moment Cher Horowitz stepped onto the big screen in a natty black blazer and argyle mini, Clueless had us totally buggin’. Back then, grunge was still in its heyday—Marc Jacobs had released his Perry Ellis collection just three years prior—and though flannel and Dr. Martens looked rock-star cool on Kate Moss and Kurt Cobain, some things got, shall we say, lost in translation. Read More

Vanity Fair

The Unlikely Inspirations Behind Clueless’s Costume Design

This July marks the 20th anniversary of Clueless, Amy Heckerling’s touchstone teen comedy that introduced the kids of America to a totally new lexicon, and inspired many to retire their grunge apparel in favor of finding their inner Cher Horowitz. Even two decades after the film’s premiere, the clothing worn by star Alicia Silverstone is still so timely that it influences runway designers and new generations just discovering the 90s classic.Read More

Elle Magazine

Clueless' Designer Mona May Didn't Want Cher to Look "Oversexed"

Some outfits stick with us long after the closing credits. In an ongoing series, Why That Outfit, explores the psychological underpinnings (and on-set backstories) behind some of film and television's most iconic looks. This time, as part of 5 Days of Clueless, we take a look at Amy Heckerling's meditation on '90s teen culture. Read More


Tak jak w kinie (Just Like In The Movies)

Their train arrived in Hollywood. A myth that you can not break through here, proved to be exaggerated. Agata wrote the screenplay just for Agnieszka Holland. Barry has a chance to produce a film by Roman Polanski. Read More

USA Today

Disney's enchanting return to 2-D animation

Once upon a time, Disney 2-D animation ruled. But those days are more over than Sanjaya on American Idol. Read More

Style Section of Los Angeles Times

Mona May Style

Infatuated with fedoras, feathers and gloves, one of our favorite costume designers in Hollywood searches for her must-have accessories. There's a moment in an old (but brilliant) episode of Absolutely Fabulous, where Patsy Stone, the Stolichnaya-soaked fashion director, coolly prepares to appear on morning television for a makeover segment. Read More

Polish Film Festival LA

The 13th Annual Polish Film Festival

Known for her satiric fashion sense and flair for comedy, Joel Schumacher gave Mona a chance to depart into the world of film noir with "8MM." She created the clothes for this dark, dank journey into the underworld of realism and dressed Nicolas CAGE, Joaquin Phoenix, James Gandolfini. Read More


The Insider Mona May

Many of your movies revolve around young, fashion aware women. What attracts you to these types of films? I think on the deepest level, it really is because I am pro woman. I love making films with women, where I can portray them in a really great light. It's a very fine line you walk when you're creating characters on the screen, especially comedic characters like Romy and Michele they can be grotesque. Read More


What's Next For Mona May, Zookeeper Costumer and FIDM Fashion School Grad? A Follow-up To American Pie

Top Hollywood costume designer Mona May has kept herself busy on the hottest film sets around the globe since graduating from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design And Merchandising. Read More

Hint Magazine

Not So Clueless: Questions with Costume Designer Mona May

The woman responsible for the mass teen awakening is costume designer Mona May, also known for her work on everyone's other secret favorite, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, as well as The Wedding Singer and Enchanted. A trained fashion designer, Mona’s eye for trends is impeccable, and with Clueless she created a look that persists today. Read More

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