Stuart Little 2

Stuart Little 2


'Stuart Little' Is Better the Second Time Around /CGI/live Action Film

“Stuart Little 2” blazes a path in the new genre of the hybrid CG/live-action film with its three digital main characters paired with a very real Manhattan. Unlike an all-CG film, which creates and maintains its own world, SL2 had to create believable digital characters and environments. “With 14 costume changes, all digitally tailored and designed, It was a real challenge as you first have to sketch the outfit, make a pattern which is then scanned into the computer and then the CGI places it onto a 3D character.”

“Stuart Little 2” brings the viewer even deeper into the believable world of the always-charming Stuart and introduces him to the equally believable and compelling Margalo and Falcon. As they draw us into their world, their characters and acting, their expressions of emotions, become our reality. We forget that they exist only in the computer.

The production pipeline was thoroughly updated, making it smoother and more accurate and efficient than on the first film. There were certain tools that were built for the first film that were good as a foundation. But with the new requirements, such as twice as many costumes to build in a shorter amount of time, these tools needed to be improved.

STUART LITTLE 2: Let the Feathers Fly: By: Debra Kaufman

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