Petals On The Wind

Petals On The Wind


Pedals On The Wind/Contemporary TV/ Drama

The saga continues in “Petals,” as Corinne resumes the life of luxury quite easily. Despite hideous private lives, they look great in public.

Corrine is a socialite, and she dresses the part in this metallic number she wore to a Christmas party at the mansion.

“The dress is almost, to me, timeless fashion in a sense,” costume designer Mona May tells Zap2it. “The style of dress was popular in the ’30s. It is a crisscross in the front, and it was important to pile her up with the jewelry. All of her wardrobe was a little over the top.

“It was important to convey the shell that she put on for everybody,” May says. “She was taking pills and trembling on the inside, and the jewelry on the outside, the high fashion — very, very tailored and meticulous in everything she wore.”

The new film jumps ahead four years to 1972 and three locales, all with different sensibilities. “I wanted to show this time period, the early ’70s, just before everything got crazy and polyester and flowers,” May says. 

“What I felt when you watch the film is you will want every outfit.”

— Jacqueline Cutler |

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