The House Bunny

The House Bunny


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“I’m a colorist. I work with color and it’s very important in my work. I was working very closely with the production designer Missy to make sure that everything goes together. What happens in a movie like this when you have so many girls, you have to worry who’s wearing what. What color are they wearing? Are they going to go together in the clothing that they’re wearing? You only have so many colors in the color wheel. So if there’s already pink and yellow and blue, you want to make sure nobody’s wearing the same color and the patterns are not clashing.”

Mona May set out to define each character and each character’s transition. “The wardrobe very much supports that transformation. With Fred we worked very closely to make sure the character stays true to the whole film even as they’re transforming from one look to another. The punk girl always stays punk. The hippie girl always stays hippie.”

With eight leading characters, the volume of clothing, shoes and accessories alone was head-spinning, requiring two wardrobe trailers. “It was really fun to work with that many girls. I think that each one of the Zetas has about 30 changes. Anna had about 50 changes. So it’s about 300 changes that I dealt with on this show. Fantastic craziness. Fred stayed away from our trailer,” the costume designer winks.


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